We are closing usual times on 23 December 2023 and opening on 5 January 2024      |     We are closing usual times on 23 December 2023 and opening on 5 January 2024      |

We are closing usual times on 23 December 2023 and opening on 5 January 2024      |     We are closing usual times on 23 December 2023 and opening on 5 January 2024      |

At Forest we are all about making gelato and sorbet from scratch using the highest quality and the freshest ingredients we can get our hands on. Our fruit gelato and sorbets are seasonal (some of the herbs we even grow ourselves) and we are always on the lookout for new and interesting ingredients and flavours.

We are very serious about limiting our carbon footprint, and all our containers and cutlery are biodegradable, compostable, or recyclable

No artificial additives, preservatives or colourants, only natural deliciousness.


Our flavours shift with the rhythm of nature and whenever inspiration strikes

We curate each batch to honor the changing seasons and special occasions throughout the year. While some of our classic flavors are listed below, we’re perpetually exploring new icy delights.

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Fresh Apricot and Apricot Kernel
Fresh Blackberry
Fresh Blueberry and Lemon Zest
Choc Duo
Cold-Brew Coffee
Cookies and Cream with Ginger Biscuits
Fresh Dragonfruit
Dulce de Leche

Fresh Fig
Hazelnut and Frangelico
Madagascan Vanilla
Masala Chai
Orange and Szechuan Pepper
Fresh Plum with a Splash of Kirsch
Fresh Strawberry with a Splash of Balsamic

Cream Vegan Belgian Chocolate
Creamy Vegan Coconut and Lime

Mango and Lime
Papaya and Chili
Pineapple and Lemongrass



The Village Shopping Centre, 60 Tyrone Avenue, Parkview

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 11h00 – 18h00
Saturday: 09h00 – 18h00
Sunday: 09h00 – 16h00

44 Stanley

44 Stanley Ave, Braamfontein Werf

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 10h00 – 17h00
Saturday: 10h00 – 17h00
Sunday: 10h00 – 17h00

Derek Moore (Weblearning)
Derek Moore (Weblearning)
Perfect treat for a stressed matric, who is needing a break from writing prelim exams (and a father who loves good ice cream)
Sean Laurens
Sean Laurens
Cold brew coffee ice cream. Two of my favorite things , coffee and ice cream. Imagine the two combined! Really Really good.
Kimmiscka Perumal
Kimmiscka Perumal
Best vegan Belgian chocolate gelato in joburg!
Louis Nel
Louis Nel
Super tasty Gelato, I'd suggest 1 scoop Madagascar vanilla cone. Sublime...
Hamzah Khan
Hamzah Khan
New flavours
Michael Ogawa
Michael Ogawa
Best gelato in Johannesburg and friendly staff!
Khadija Richards
Khadija Richards
There is no other gelato life after forest. Amazing flavours, perfectly made, child friendly, wonderful service. Xx
shelbie legg
shelbie legg
Nice little gelato stop. Kids loved it and thought it is close to the best we’ve had in South Africa. We all Voted the vegan lime and coconut as the winner. Incredibly smooth and little bits of lime Made it refreshing. My ginger was great. A little crystallized but otherwise light and refreshing as well. Owner was super friendly and interested in our thoughts on her flavors including a cool orange and Szechuan pepper (not spicy but very flavorful).


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